Guitar Mode

How to use Guitar Mode?

Do you have an electric guitar?  You can use your Speaker Cube as a guitar amp!

This feature requires the Speaker Cube to have firmware version 1.0.9 or later and an audio cable to connect your guitar to the 3.5mm AUX input on the Speaker Cube.  This cable typically has a 3.5 mm plug on one end and ¼ inch on the other, like this:



To connect a Guitar:

  • Connect the speaker to AC power.
  • Connect your audio cable’s 3.5 mm end to the AUX input on the speaker and the ¼ inch to the guitar's output.


To turn Guitar Mode on:

  • With the guitar plugged in, press and hold power/mode button (see diagram below) on the control panel until the amber led light on the control panel turns on (this should take about five seconds).
  • Press and hold power/mode button again for five seconds until the speaker says “Guitar mode activated” and the amber led goes out.
  • Your Speaker Cube is now in Guitar Mode


To control Guitar Mode:

With the Speaker Cube in Guitar Mode, you can select a clean or overdrive mode and control volume using the controls on the speaker.

  • To change from clean to overdrive, just tap the power/mode button. Each press will switch from clean to overdrive and back to clean.
  • To adjust volume, move the slider from left to right. Moving the slider left will lower volume and to the right will raise the volume.


Note: To exit Guitar Mode just unplug the guitar from the Speaker Cube or turn off the Cube by holding down the power/mode until the amber led light turns on.  Next time you turn the speaker back on, it will operate as a normal Bluetooth speaker again.



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