Updating Firmware On Your Speaker Cube

To install a BOSEbuild system update, follow these steps:

Note: A computer connected to the internet and a USB cable that connects to your computer with USB-micro B on the other end is required for this update


1.    Navigate to the Bose software download page at btu.bose.com

2.    Click "Accept and Continue" to accept the terms of the Bose Updater

3.    Click "Download" to download the updater

4.    Once downloaded, open the file (BoseUpdaterInstaller) to install the updater

5.    Then connect your product to your computer via USB here:


6.    If an update is available, click "Apply Changes" to download the latest software. You can also click "Learn More" to find out about what improvements the update contains

7.    Once the system has been successfully updated, disconnect the system from the computer



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