How Do I Use The Motion Studio?

Using the Motion Studio

The Motion Studio lets you send repeated pulses of electricity through the coil, alternating between positive and negative pulses. These positive and negative pulses make the coil push and pull against the magnet.

  • Unlock the Motion Studio by completing the Coil Launcher activity.
  • Use the FREQUENCY slider to control how many times per second the coil moves back and forth.
  • Use the POWER slider to control how much current you send to the coil with each pulse. More current generates more magnetic force for more motion.

Some tips for better motion:

  • Make sure the coil is connected and positioned over the magnet.
  • Place the magnet on a smooth flat surface with its blue plastic base facing down.
  • Place the coil down around the magnet with its yellow plastic base facing down.
  • Make sure the coil is free to move up and down around the magnet, and the cable is not twisted or kinked.


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