How Do I Do The "Make Some Noise" Activity?

The "Make Some Noise" activity lets you make sound with the coil and magnet.

Here are some tips for getting the coil and magnet to work properly:

  • Place the magnet on a table with the blue plastic base facing down.
  • Gently hold the coil by the yellow plastic base, and lower it down around the magnet.
  • Try to position it so that the coil of wire is right near the top of the magnet.
  • When the coil and magnet are working, you should hear a soft, repeated chime sound.
  • If you can hear the chime, but the app is not responding, try moving your iPhone or iPad closer to the coil. If you’re in a noisy room, or the dishwasher or air conditioner is running, try moving someplace quieter.
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