How Do I Pair A Mobile Device And Play Music?

Once the Speaker Cube is fully assembled, you can use any Bluetooth-compatible phone or tablet to pair to it and play music.

To pair your device:

  • Check to see that the Bluetooth button on the Speaker Cube is blinking blue. If it is not, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds, until it blinks blue. This means it's ready to pair with your mobile device.
  • On your mobile device, make sure Bluetooth is on. (The Bluetooth menu is usually found in the Settings menu.)
  • Select your BOSEbuild speaker cube from the list.
  • The Bluetooth LED indicator glows solid white, and the voice prompt says, “Connected to BOSEbuild Speaker Cube or device name given.”

To play music:

Once your mobile device is connected, start a music app on the device to play music. You can use the playback and volume controls on your device to control the music.

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