How Do I Turn Voice Prompts On Or Off?

The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube features voice prompts to guide you through the pairing and connecting processes. Voice prompts also announce the name of the currently connected device(s).

If you prefer not to hear voice prompts, follow these steps:

Without the BOSEbuild app connected

  • Press and hold the Power/Mode button for three seconds to turn the speaker off. The system status indicator light glows amber.
  • Press and hold the Power/Mode button again for ten seconds. You will hear confirmation that voice prompts are off.
  • Repeat the same two steps to turn voice prompts back on.

With the BOSEbuild app connected

  • From the main timeline, tap the Settings button.
  • From the Settings menu, tap the Voice Prompts button to turn voice prompts on or off. You will hear voice confirmation of the new setting.


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