How Do I Manage Multiple Connected Devices?

Your BOSEbuild Speaker Cube can remember up to eight paired devices and can be actively connected to two devices at a time. If you pair a ninth device, the least recently used device will be deleted from the speaker.

Pairing another device

  • With the speaker cube powered on, press and hold the Bluetooth button until the Bluetooth indicator light blinks blue and the voice prompt says, “Ready to pair another device.”
  • On your mobile device, make sure Bluetooth is on. (The Bluetooth menu is usually found in the Settings menu.)
  • Select your BOSEbuild Speaker Cube from your mobile device’s Bluetooth list. The Bluetooth indicator glows solid white, and the voice prompt says, “Connected to BOSEbuild Speaker Cube or device name given".

Managing multiple connections

When powered on, the speaker will automatically try to connect to the two most recently connected devices.

When two devices are actively connected, you can play music from either device. To switch between connected devices, pause the first device and play music from the second.

Scrolling through other paired devices

To play music from a paired device that is not currently connected:

  • Press the Bluetooth button to hear which device(s) are currently connected.
  • Press the Bluetooth button again within three seconds to connect to the next paired device
  • Repeat the prior step until you hear the correct device name.

Note: To use this feature, voice prompts must be on.

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