How Do I Do The Launch Prep Activity?

Preparing for Launch

For the best launch, make sure the Coil is plugged in to the Control Panel, and is positioned correctly over the magnet.

Connecting the Coil:

  1. Find the yellow plug at the end of the coil’s cable. It has three dots.
  2. Find the jack on the Control Panel that has three matching dots.
  3. Line up the dots and insert the plug into the jack.

Positioning the Coil over the Magnet:

  1. Place the magnet on a smooth flat surface with its blue plastic base facing down.
  2. Place the coil down around the magnet with its yellow plastic base facing down.
  3. Make sure the coil is free to move up and down around the magnet, and the cable is not twisted or kinked.
    After you’ve completed these steps, close this help screen to return to the Getting Connected screen.

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