How Do I Launch The Coil Off Of The Magnet?

Using the Coil Launcher

The Coil Launcher lets you send pulses of electricity through the coil, launching it up away from the magnet.

  • Unlock the Coil Launcher by completing the Launch Prep activity.
  • Press the LAUNCH button to send a pulse of electrical current through the coil.
  • Use the POWER slider to control how much current you send to the coil. More current generates more magnetic force for a higher launch.

Some tips for a higher launch:

  • Make sure the coil is connected and positioned over the magnet before you press the LAUNCH button.
  • Place the magnet on a smooth flat surface with its blue plastic base facing down.
  • Place the coil down around the magnet with its yellow plastic base facing down.
  • Make sure the coil is free to move up and down around the magnet, and the cable is not twisted or kinked.

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