How Do I Customize The Colors?

Your BOSEbuild Headphones have colored LED lights in each ear puck. You can change the colors by using the color controls in the app, or by using the Color button on the headphones.

Note: Using the LED lights draws battery power more quickly than music listening alone.

Color Mixer 

  • Use the red, green, and blue sliders to set a color.
  • Use the color wheel to pick a color.
  • Use the brightness slider to make your color brighter or dimmer.

Dancing Colors 

  • This only works when music is playing! Tap the Music Player tab at the bottom of the screen to play some tunes.
  • Use the Low, Mid, and High color wheels to pick a color for each frequency band.

Use the mute toggles to turn each color band on or off.

Chameleon Colors 

  • Use the camera to pick a color. Tap anywhere in the camera view to select a color.

Brightly-colored, well-lit objects give you the best results.

Color Presets

  • You can save any color setting as a preset.

Name the presets anything you want, and the headphones will announce the preset name.

Color Button 

  • Use the Color button on the headphones to cycle between color presets.
  • To turn the LEDs off, press and hold the color button for 3 seconds.


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