How Do I Use Double-Sided Sound?

Double-Sided Sound lets you hear what it would sound like if you swapped ears, or had only one ear. 

  • Make sure you’re wearing the headphones for this activity!
  • The Swapped setting works best if you make somewhat quiet sounds, off to your left or right. Try rubbing your fingers together or lightly scratching your shoulder.
  • Have a friend stand behind you and whisper into one ear or the other. See if you can tell which side they’re on.
  • Don’t cover the microphone holes up, and avoid cupping your hands around the mics – this can cause the headphones to squeal.

Directional Hearing 

  • Use the circular slider to move the sound of the drums to different spots around your head.
  • Use the Volume slider to make the drums louder or quieter.
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