How Do I Use The Sound Measurement Tools?

There are two ways to measure sound intensity with your headphones: The External Sound Meter lets you measure sounds around you; The Headphone Sound Meter measures the sound that’s being played on your BOSEbuild Headphones.

External Sound Meter 

  • Wear the headphones around your neck for this – not on your ears. That way you can hear how loud the sounds are as you’re measuring them.
  • Any sound quieter than about 30 dB will be too quiet to show up on the meter.

Headphone Sound Meter 

  • This only works when music is playing! Tap the Music Player tab at the bottom of the screen to play some tunes.
  • The meter shows how loud the headphones are currently playing.
  • The Sound Exposure Bar at the bottom of the screen shows your current sound dosage.
  • Prolonged listening above 85 dB will add to your sound exposure, and listening below 85 dB (or turning music off) will allow the dosage to come back down. 

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